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The embeddable email, landing page & popup builder

Quick & seamless integration in under 30 days

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Easy win for product management teams to accelerate other IP product roadmaps

BEE uniquely combines design flexibility with a smooth user experience, validated by millions of users across hundreds of SaaS applications since 2015.

Customize your deployment. Intuitive on-off feature toggles gives product & development teams the control to release features at a pace based on your product roadmap - not ours.

Your customers will love it. And your devs too.


Landing Pages

Why BEE Plugin?

Choose a reliable, easy to integrate multi-content type digital platform you can build on. BEE Plugin is more than an embeddable visual builder with a great drag-n-drop user experience. It’s a reliable, highly-customizable email, landing page & popup builder.

Go from proof-of-concept to production in days, not months. BEE Plugin can be highly customized in the way it looks, what it does and how it interacts with your application. Deliver your business exactly what it needs, with a small development effort

A content design platform you can build on
Seamlessly integrated, fully customizable

Seamlessly integrated, fully customizable

Developers appreciate the flexibility that BEE Pluign provides: from complete UI customization to many opportunities to interact with the user, directly in the editor: load your own content, react to all sorts of events, develop custom addons, and enable third-party widgets.

A growing set of APIs helps your customer do even more: convert an email into a PDF, update content snippets, create thumbnails, etc.


A tool for growth

We’re big believers in Product-Led Growth: the idea that you can leverage your product as an engine for business growth. So we’ve built a number of features into the editor that allows you to leverage them to create acquisition and expansion opportunities to grow your business.

For example: turning features on & off at the user session level, so you can change what customers can see or do based on your own pricing strategy. And - coming soon - an “Engage” mode that’s all about growth.

A tool for growth
Complete peace of mind

Complete peace of mind

Adopted by over 600 applications around the world, in all sorts of industries, BEE is used by hundreds of thousands of users every month, logging millions of sessions to design countless emails, pages, and more.

Since 2015, leading SaaS companies have chosen BEE because it’s scalable, reliable, and secure.


BEE Customer success stories

Every story is different in its own way but the end result is always the same - SUCCESS

BEE Plugin Case Study - LeadFox

BEE Plugin Case Study - LeadFox

Leadfox is a global marketing automation platform used by thousands of SMBs and marketing agencies across over 100 countr …
BEE Plugin Case Study - Samba.ai

BEE Plugin Case Study - Samba.ai

Founded in 2012, Samba.ai’s initial focus of providing data analysis for businesses led to the creation of a predictive …

Already adopted by hundreds of cutting-edge SaaS applications, including...

Over 7 years of non-stop R&D to deliver a fantastic content design experience

Countless features
that you can leverage, including...


BEE Plugin is fully white-labeled on all paid plans. And the Superpowers plan allows for complete control on the CSS.

Undo, redo, history

Users can not only undo & redo edits, but also visually browse & jump through the recent edit history.

Save & reuse content

Let your customers save sections so they can quickly re-use them later (e.g. an email footer).

Load your own content

Push external content directly into the editor, so your customers can drag-n-drop products, articles, dynamic blocks, etc.

Conditional statements

Let users apply conditional statements to sections of content, helping them create or pick the right display conditions.

Co-editing & commenting

Allow end users to co-edit in real-time, leave comments on specific content blocks, reply to & resolve threads, and more.


Select additional features from the AddOn Marketplace (e.g. countdown timers) or develop your own addons.

Content Services API

Refresh the HTML (for best compatibility) without user interaction, turn emails & pages into PDF, create thumbnails, etc.


BEE Plugin is a complete content builder, and includes...

For more details and to see on which plan a certain feature is available, please see Plans & Pricing.