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architecture Architecture

BEE Plugin is built using state-of-the-art technology and designed to guarantee performance at scale. The whole BEE Plugin infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, using multiple instances propagated inside multiple availability zones. Tens of thousands of users across hundreds of different applications use the BEE editor, resulting in monthly sessions.

monitoring Uptime and Monitoring

We perform zero-downtime software upgrades by using the latest deployment techniques. Planned maintenance that requires downtime is always designed to minimize impact and announced at least two weeks prior. Services health & availability is monitored 24/7 by teams in both the US and Europe (see service status page).

always up to date Always Up-To-Date

BEE Plugin is designed to minimize the quantity of code needed for the integration, allowing us to update the editor regularly without any action on your end. Previously stored documents are updated automatically at loading time to ensure compatibility with older versions, even when major changes are made to the document structure.



BEE is a project within Growens, a public company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (GROW.MI) (ISIN IT0005040354). MailUp, an email service provider that has been in business for over 10 years, has over 11,000 paying customers in 50+ countries and is the first and one of the heaviest users of BEE Plugin. This creates strong, built-in insurance for every other application that decides to embed the editor.

escrow Escrow Agreement

If you need an additional level of insurance, you can choose to become a beneficiary of an optional software escrow account (a yearly fee applies). Beneficiaries are given full access to the BEE Plugin system’s source code in the very remote, unlikely circumstance in which the project is shut down (e.g. bankruptcy). The software source code deposited into the escrow account is updated regularly. Contact us for more information.

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