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Email Templates for Constant Contact

Constant Contact email template builder

Email Templates for Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Templates: Browse beautiful responsive html templates for Constant Contact, choose your favourite ones and customize them with drag & drop. No coding skills required!

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Constant Contact's email marketing software is well-known in the marketing industry. Founded in 1995, the company has made a name for itself by providing consistent, high-quality service to marketers over the years. Small businesses and large corporations alike use Constant Contact templates to send marketing emails that stand out.


If you're new to using Constant Contact for email marketing, you might be wondering where to get your Constant Contact templates. We've got an easy answer — use the BEE email editor. BEE's template catalog is jam-packed with professional HTML email templates that you can use for your customers. Just choose your favorite template, customize it with your brand's visuals and your copy and then export it to Constant Contact — no coding knowledge required.

Benefits of using BEE with Constant Contact

The BEE email editor is a fantastic tool for brands. Save time on your email marketing by using BEE's simple editor, where you can drag and drop images, graphics and other design elements. No email design experience? Don't worry — with BEE's template catalog and editing capabilities, you don't have to be a professional graphic designer to create beautiful, professional emails.

BEE works side-by-side with professional designers to create email templates appropriate for every type of event, holiday and campaign. Choose one of these templates and customize it with your brand visuals such as logos, brand colors and preferred fonts. Then send it off to wow your subscribers. Here's how to make Constant Contact custom templates with BEE:

How to use BEE and Constant Contact

To take advantage of BEE's best Constant Contact templates, link your accounts so you can easily send email templates from BEE to your Constant Contact dashboard.

The Constant Contact connector is exclusively available for BEE Team and Agency members. So before you can get started creating Constant Contact templates for your newsletter, you'll have to make sure your BEE account is upgraded — click here for a free two-week trial of BEE Pro.

Once your BEE account is ready to go, you can link your accounts and create the best Constant Contact templates for your subscribers.

How to connect your accounts

Open up your BEE Pro dashboard. Click "Settings" and then "Connectors". Find Constant Contact on the list and click "Connect". Type your Constant Contact username and password into the pop-up when prompted. Now your BEE account is linked with Constant Contact and you can start designing.

How to export Constant Contact templates from BEE

When you're finished designing Constant Contact templates for your newsletter in the BEE editor, save the completed email and then click "Export message". Select "Push to a sending system" from the list of options and choose Constant Contact. Click "Create" and your email template will immediately be sent to your Constant Contact account.

Email service provider Constant Contact can help you organize and automate your marketing efforts. And with BEE, you can create Constant Contact custom templates that will impress your customers and make your marketing to-do list a breeze.