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Fast, no-code email
and landing page design

BEE Pro is a quick, collaborative, friendly design suite to create emails and landing pages to be used anywhere.

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All your emails and pages in one place

All your emails and pages in one place

From newsletters to transactional emails. From product launch pages to a custom home page for your newsletters, with a signup form. Design everything in one place, so it's all organized, under control, and ready to be used anywhere.

From email to page with one click

Transform any email into a landing page with one click, add page-specific content like a signup form, and publish. Or go the other way around. Either way, design a full digital campaign in no time with BEE Pro.

From email to page with one click
From freelancers to large teams

From freelancers to large teams

Whether you're a freelancer needing a better way to design for your clients, a startup wanting to get campaigns out faster, or a large company aiming to empower more people across the organization, BEE Pro has the tools needed to work well together. Add comments while designing. Track & restore versions. Set branding guidelines. And even co-edit in real-time.

Design here, use anywhere

When you're done designing, you can export emails and landing pages in all sorts of ways. Download HTML & images in a zip file. Copy & paste the HTML (with images hosted & delivered via the Cloudfront CDN). Convert to PDF. Push to Mailchimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Sendgrid, etc. And if it's a page, you can just host it in BEE Pro.

Design here, use anywhere

Unlock all templates

There are many, wonderful free templates in our template catalog. Some, however, are only available when you create a BEE Pro account. Why? Because we pay our 25+ design partners. When you create a BEE Pro account, you help our designer partner program grow, and ensure our template catalog gets richer and richer over time.


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Free, fast, nocode email and page creation.


Perfect if you create new emails and landing pages occasionally. Bring your colleagues too and experience fast, nocode, collaborative design.


Complete email and landing page design suite.


Unlimited emails, pages, folders and reusable blocks. User roles and permissions to define who does what, and lots of other smart business tools.

No credit card required


Decentralized design while staying in control.

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Multi-workspace settings, styles and access controls for teams that need to design emails and landing pages fast, decentralized, while staying on brand.

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