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Email Templates for Acumbamail

Acumbamail email template builder

Email Templates for Acumbamail

Acumbamail Email Templates: Browse beautiful responsive html templates for Acumbamail, choose your favourite ones and customize them with drag & drop. No coding skills required!

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Marketers love the email and SMS marketing platform Acumbamail, and for good reason: This helpful tool lets you create and manage all of your campaigns from one handy dashboard. Import your list of subscribers or design a form to capture leads. Then start sending bulk emails, creating automated flows so your messages will be sent with a single trigger. Acumbamail PRO users can access even more advanced email marketing features.

Acumbamail makes it easy to send automated emails fast. And when you design those emails with the BEE editor, you can create marketing emails that are appropriate for any occasion and help you earn more revenue for your business. Here's a breakdown of what you can do with BEE and how you can use BEE to make your Acumbamail templates.

Benefits of using BEE with Acumbamail

BEE makes it easy for everybody to create gorgeous promotional emails. No email design experience? No problem! BEE's template catalog is full of more than 400 HTML email templates created by professional graphic designers.

Select the template that's best for your marketing campaign (templates are organized by season, promotion type and more) and open it in the BEE editor to customize the message. Using the BEE editor's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, customize the template of your choice with your own text, images and brand visuals such as logo, brand colors and preferred fonts.

When you're through designing the email, you can save the message and export it to an email service provider of your choice — BEE connects with several email platforms, including Acumbamail.

Using the BEE editor is completely free. And many of the templates in the catalog are free, too. BEE is an excellent tool to create Acumbamail templates that will impress your subscribersand get more conversions.

How to create Acumbamail templates with BEE

Ready to start designing dazzling marketing emails? Connect your Acumbamail account with the BEE email editor to get started.

How to connect your accounts

The first step in connecting your Acumbamail and BEE accounts is retrieving your API key from Acumbamail. To access this key, visit https://acumbamail.com/apidoc/. Copy the key (found under "Client identifier") to your clipboard.

Next, log into your BEE account. From your dashboard, go to "Settings" and "Connectors". Choose Acumbamail from the list of options. Paste your API key in the pop-up and, if desired, type in an account name. Then click Connect and your accounts will automatically be linked.

How to export Acumbamail templates

Now that your accounts are connected, you can easily export email templates to Acumbamail anytime Select a template and customize it using the BEE editor. Then save the template and click "Export". Choose "Push to a sending system" and select Acumbamail from the list of connectors. Your email template will be pushed over to your Acumbamail account.

Use the BEE editor to create Acumbamail templates that will stand out in your customers' inbox and help you reach your marketing goals!