Welcome back! Nice to see you again!

We are BEE

Making collaborative content design easy for everyone

BEE originally stood for “Best Email Editor”, the ambitious goal that we set at the start of this project. Since then, we’ve added support for designing landing pages and popups. Millions of people have used our visual builders, here at beefree.io and embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications.

Democratizing content design
around the world

BEE’s visual builders are used over 5 million times a month by teams like yours. Our frequents users include everyone from marketing professionals and design teams to HR departments and fast-growing digital agencies.
We’ve built a real-time visualization of where they are. These are sessions of our email, landing page and popup builders, happening right now, around the world.


How we got here

We’ve been working on our visual builders since 2014. The name “BEE” originally stood for “Best Email Editor”. Over the years, we’ve expanded our drag and drop email builder to include landing pages, one-page websites, pop ups and more. Our new, ambitious goal is to be the “Best Editor Ever”. It’s been over eight years of discovery, nonstop listening, testing, iterating - and we’re just getting started. By combining design flexibility, ease of use, and effective brand controls, we’re on track to put responsive design in the hands of everyone who needs it.
No code required.

Fully remote, fully together

Our 60-person team is growing fast (we’re hiring!). We’re in over 30 different cities, 4 countries, and across 9 time zones. Remote work has been a given since we started.

Every other Friday, we get the whole organization together for our TGIF meetings. Dozens of small faces pop up on our screens: some having coffee, others ready for happy hour. It’s a time that we prioritize to connect with everyone who makes our work possible.

We understand that life doesn’t run on a fixed, predictable schedule, so we work around it with flexible work schedules. We also know the value of recharging the batteries, whether on our own, or at one of our fantastic team retreats.

That doesn’t mean we cut corners. We’re proud of our products and the fact that they’re used millions of times a month. We care about our customers, we care about each other and we work hard to provide the best experience for everyone involved.